Customs of the Spring Festival in Wuxi
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People in Wuxi attach much importance to the Spring Festival. On the first day of lunar year, the very first thing is to display firecrackers outside the houses, meaning “opening doors to welcome a new year and expecting a promotion”. According to the traditions, people will display 3 firecrackers, namely “3 firecrackers and 6 sounds will produce good harvests”; however, some only display a pair of firecrackers, expecting “2 firecrackers and 2 sounds bringing prosperous both in family and purse”.

After the firecrackers, incense will be burned and candles will be lightened to offer sacrifices to the gods and ancestors. After that, the youth will wish the old a happy new year and receive lucky money to prevent themselves from evil and disasters in return from the old. On that day, people will visit the relatives and neighbors, bringing them best wishes in new clothes.

In the morning, they will have rice cakes, dumplings and noodles as breakfast, meaning reunion, promotion and longevity; in the afternoon, they will eat either noodles or rice, but only leftovers of the New Year’s Eve, implying always get more than that people wish for; and they have dinner, the same as lunch. Cleaning is not allowed on the first day of lunar year, because they believe it will sweep off wealth, as do drawing water and borrowing fire source. People pay much attention to language. No angers, no name callings and no infelicity talks. All in all, people pray a safe and infelicity year in the new year.


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