530 Plan
The Implementation Scheme of "530" Plan in 2009 (XI-XIII)
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XI Financing Guarantee

The redemption of “530” Plan’ funds in 2009 will be disbursed in the special funds of “530” Plan. The expenses for evaluation, travelling, accommodations during the qualification confirmation and preliminary examination of “530” projects, the expenses for project technique evaluation and project integrated appraisal, together with the expenses for the traffic and accommodation and other fees of the returned overseas talents coming to negotiate in Wuxi will be disbursed from Wuxi Municipal Talent Development Funds.

XII Services Optimization

Wuxi“530” Entrepreneurship Service Center will be responsible for the on-line declaration of “530” projects, the affirmation of educational backgrounds and qualifications, the evaluation of “530” projects, the negotiations and signing of contracts, as well as talent services. Wuxi "530" Project Promotion Center will be responsible for the inspection of “530”Plan’s forms, the affirmation of intellectual property rights, experts’ appraisal, integrated appraisal, and the negotiations and signing of contracts. Governments of the city, county or district will make corresponding implementation specifications to offer the returned overseas talents with all-round services. Member units under Wuxi “530” Plan Office will pay visits to registered “530” enterprises at regular intervals to better promote the sound and rapid development of “530” enterprises.

XIII Management Enhancing

The “530” projects introduced by the city, county or district will be included into the aim-assessment of the city’s high-tech and talent work. The city will also set up an annual review system of the performance of“530” projects, promote the formation and development of “530” Plan’s long lasting services and management mechanisms, strengthen the inspection of applicants’ qualifications and projects, and enhance audit trails after enterprises register. If there is any deceptive behavior of the enterprise, it will be deprived of the already provided policy treatment like start-up funds after verification, and that enterprise will never be allowed to apply our city’s “530” Plan any longer.


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