Introduction of "530" Enterprises and Products
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Wuxi Bo Qiao Bio-pharmacy Technology Co. Ltd & Immunity Test Device

Wuxi Bo Qiao Bio-pharmacy Technology Co. Ltd is a bio-engineering company of strong technological capability and independent innovation ability. It specializes in the development and research of food safety and disease detection products, and mainly provides fast detecting products and matched equipment for food sanitation supervising and disease preventing and controlling departments. Its most famous product is immunity test device.

The ordinary immuno-sensor is made on the basis of the affinity bonds between antibody and analyzing substance, labelled antibody and analyzing substance, through a commonly used technology Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay(EIA). However, Bo Qiao company took advantage of the principle of EIA that the enzyme linked to the labelled antibody that has combined with capturing antibody and analyzing substance will produce electrochemical reaction with reductant-oxidant, which results in detectable electrons, and then turned the feeble current into digital signals and data through a specially desgined sensing circuit. Combined with the control, data access, and management of a computer, a new detecting device as follows was invented by Bo Qiao company:

 This electronic detecting device is called NeuSensor

NeuSensor can be widely used for various immunity testing purposes. Connecting with a computer, NeuSensor can help us with detections and data access.

Wuxi AGCU Biotechnology Co., Ltd & Nucliec Acid Testing Teagent Products 

Wuxi AGCU Biotechnology Co., Ltd is headed by an overseas returnee who obtained doctor’s degree in America and owned internationally advanced biotechnology. The company also has several domestic experienced high-tech talents. Being favored by "530" Plan, the company was invested by Wuxi Venture Capital Group and Wuxi Jinhui Venture Capital Company. Located in Science & Technology Business Start-up Center of Huishan District, the company has a registered capital of RMB10ml. It specialzes in the research, development, production, transfer, sales, and technical services of bio-engineering, biology testing reagent, diagnostic reagent, bio-chip, gene testing technology and food safety testing technology, and the development, application and sales of bio-engineering-related equipment, devices and software. The company boasts a series of nucliec acid testing reagent products, which can be used in legal medical examination, clinic treatment, agriculture, and environmental protection etc.


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