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Introduction of Wuxi "530" Program Promotion Center
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Wuxi “530” Program Promotion Center is surbordinate to Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau, and mainly serves “530” enterprises. Its services include :

(1) take preliminary review of the form of “530” candidate programs, identify candidates’ intellectual property rights, carry out assessment on the technology and overall ability of candidates;

(2) provide consulting services for “530” enterprises in terms of production technique, financing, intellectural property rights, market exploration, training, management, and the declaration of science and technology projects;

(3) collect the development information of “530” enterprises and report it to Wuxi Government so as to help the Government make decisions;

(4) assess “530” candidate programs, make recommendations, synthetically evaluate “530” candidate programs, and provide promotive services.

Wuxi “530” Program Promotion Center will actively play its role of being a bridge between Wuxi Government and “530” enterprises, promote the formation, integration, and development of “530” Talents Innovation Chain, “530” Technology Innovation Chain and “530” Industry Innovation Chain.

Add: No.168 Science & Technology Mansion, Xueqian St.

P.C.: 214001

Tel: 0510-82726616

Fax: 0510-82701275

Email: 530ppc@163.com


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