530 Plan
Introduction of "530" Plan
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1. What is “530” Plan?

A: Learning from the successful experience of Suntech Power Co., whose creator is an overseas returnee, Wuxi Municipal Government published “Suggestions for the Implementation of High-level Returned Overseas Entrepreneurs Introduction Plan” in 2006, aiming to introduce 30 leading returned overseas entrepreneurs in 5 years. That’s “530” Plan.

2. Where will “530” enterprises and programs settle?

A: “530” enterprises and programs will be mainly scattered in: Wuxi Overseas Returnees Business Start-up Park, Taihu International Science & Technology Park, Taihu New Town Science & Education Park, Taihu National Tourist Resort, Industrial Design Park, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Huishan Economic Development Zone, Software Park, Taihu Landscape Town Tourist Resort, Liyuan Hih-tech Industrial Park, Aviation Industrial Park, Jiangyin High-tech Industrial Park, Jiangyin Lin’gang New Town, Jiangyin-Jingjiang Industrial Park, Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Park, Yixing Entrepreneurs’ Park of Yixing Economic Development Zone, Beitang Science & Technology Business Start-up Park, Chong’an Cultural and Creative Park, Information Industrial Park of Nanchang High-tech Business Start-up Park, and International Science & Technology Cooperation Park, etc.

3. What’s the qualifications for the enrollment of “530” Plan?

A: 1) leaders in certain international fields or technological fileds who have worked at abroad for five years (doctor’s degree winners, three years) after studying abroad and obtaining master’s degree, and meanwhile own hi-tech products that have great development and marketing prospects; 2) talents that have independent intellectual property rights and patents of innvention at abroad,  have made internationally advanced high-tech achievements that not only fill the gap of China’s market but also bear great marketing prospects, and meanwhile can carry out industrial production; 3)talents that can start up business in our city’s fields of environmental protection, new energy, biology, which are leading industries, service outsourcing, animation design, creative culture, and new materials etc., with their own technolgies, projects, capitals, and indepdendent innovation capacity. 


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