Taibo River
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River Bo is an abbreviation for Taibo River, which is also called Bodu River and Bodu Port and located in the southeast of Wuxi. In about 3,000 years ago, Taobo and his little brother Zhong Yong came to Meili (where is now called Meicun) from Qishan of the shaanxi Province. They taught local people about agricultural cultivation technology and dug a river for the convenience of irrigation and convenient water transportation; as a result, the river was called Taibo River.

Total length of the Taibo River is 24 kilometers and width of bottom of the river is 6 meters with the water depth of 1.4 meters. The map of Wuxi in the “Record of Wuxi” indicated that the Taibo River was separated into two parts that one was called Bodu Port flowing to east from the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and through Nanzhan, Fangqian, Meicun to Hongfeng Bridge in Hongsheng Town, and the other was called Bodu River starting from Hongfeng Bridge in Hongsheng Town and through Houzhai to Dangkou.

Open of this river promoted economic development on both sides and had far-reaching influence to Wuxi’s development.


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