Liang Hong and Liangxi
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Liang Hong was in the early Eastern Han Dynasty, Shaanxi Fufeng. He had a hard childhood and became a hermit instead of being an officer. The allusion of “husband and wife treating each other with courtesy” is a story between Liang Hong and his wife.

Wuxi had another name of Liangxi, and Liangxi is also called Liangqingxi. A story says that the place name of Liangxi was related to Liang Hong because of his arrival in Wuxi. Liangxi River was connected to the Taihu Lake, so it had the functions of regulating water level and irrigation. In ancient times, people can keep fish around the Liangxi River.

The bridge today called Renmin Bridge was called Liangxi Bridge, Liangqing Bridge and Qingxi Bridge in ancient times due to another name of Xicheng River is Liangxi. Jiankang Bridge on Jiankang Road, built in 1951, was named Liangxi Bridge and it was renamed because of construction of Liangxi Bridge. The bridge that is now called Liangxi Bridge was built in 1983, and it was originally named Hubin Bridge. In succession, 3 bridges were named Liangxi Bridge. 

The Liangxi Road, Liangqing Road and Xiliang Road were all related to Liangxi. Liang Hong and Liangxi have close relations with history of Wuxi.


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