Zhang Bo and the separation of Dushan Mountain
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Zhangyuan Nunnery, located in the west of Zhizu Bridge near the South Gate of Wuxi, was built in memorization of Zhang Bo. A legend said that Zhang Bo was a descendant of Zhang Bing, who assisted Da Yu in regulating water, and Zhang Bo once built water conservancy projects in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. On Zhang Bo’s arrival to Wuxi, he realized that Dushan Mountain, stood between Wulihu Lake and the Taihu Lake, will bring disasters because it may block the water, causing drought and flood. Under his guidance and lead, Wuxi people divided the Dushan Mountain into 3 parts, and only the Zhongdushan Mountain stood in the middle of lake, where Wulihu Lake and Taihu Lake confluent. The division of Dushan Mountain prevented Wuxi from suffering from disasters. The 8th day of February of the lunar calendar every year is the birthday of Zhang Bo, and the Zhangyuan Nunnery will be lively with thousands of people gathered in the nunnery to memorize Zhang Bo. It was said that temperature in days before or after the 18th day of February of the lunar calendar will change, and change of climate on the day was called “Report by Zhang Bo”.


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