Appreciating plum blossom in the Lvluo Nunnery
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"Appreciating plum blossom in the Lvluo Nunnery" has another meaning of avoiding debt, and is related to Gong Mian, who was a man of the Ming Dynasty and lived near the Kuatang Bridge outside the South Gate of Wuxi. He was smart and became a scholar when he was 17 years old. But because of poverty, he left home to avoid debts. When he came to the Lvluo Nunnery, seeing beautiful plum blossom, he made a poetry that described his situation. An old nun was sympathetic about his situation and provided accommodation for him in the monastery, and he studied in the nunnery. He became a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination in 1568. Lvluo Nunnery was changed into a residential house in 1958.


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