What is the procedure for entering employment in Wuxi?
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Before entering China for employment with a Chinese organization, a foreigner should apply for a visa at his or her local Chinese embassy with an Alien’s Work Certificate for the People’s Republic of China issued via the Chinese employer by the Wuxi Municipal and a valid passport. After the foreigner enters China, the employer should show the certificate, a valid contract and the employee’s passport to the Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Labour and Social Security, who will issue an Alien Work Permit.

Those foreigners who have not obtained residence permits (holders of F,L,C or G visas), those who are studying or doing an internship in China and dependents of foreigners holding working visas should not accept illegal employment in China. In special circumstances, a foreigner who is to be employed may have his visa status changed at the public security, who will issue an Alien’s Work Permit.

For more details, please visit the website of Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Labour and Social Security. Various forms can be downloaded directly from the website.


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