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1.On November 5th, 2008, Wuxi government issued a formal implementation document called "The temporary living help solution to the people in difficulties in the urban and rural areas of Wuxi". It defined the standard, 3000 Yuan in district, 5000 Yuan in the muncipal.

2Wuxi will totally implement the service for supporting the elder citizens. The ones in the rural of Wuxi who are more 80 years old, could get a subsidy of 360 Yuan for daily expense provided by the Government per month

3Wuxi government continued to increase government subsidies for compulsory education. Giving direct help in economic difficulties during the compulsory education period, and readjust the living allowance funds. More important is that the government also regulate the orders of the school budgets in order to ensure the education funds.


Wuxi Municipal Development and Reform Commission


Municipal Development and Reform Commission window in Administrative Service Center of Wuxi



Working Time

900--1700( Monday ?Friday)

Documents Demanded

(A) approval of the project, approval or filing papers;
(B) capital item to apply for approval of the report documents
(C) the successful bidder notice of imported equipment
(D) list of imported equipment;
(E) an agreement signed by domestic banks on-lending loans from foreign governments of the project;
(F) notes and other material  (Foreign government loans must add the Business project contract)

Procedure Steps

The foreign loan projects discussing and approved by the State Council and National Development & Reform Commission, will be issued a project conformation by National Development & Reform Commission. The foreign loan projects approved by the local government will be issued a project conformation by provincial Development & Reform Commission (Such as all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, cities and the city of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps).




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