How can I pay for the utility fees (water bill etc)?
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Living Water: RMB2.57/ ton
Water for Commercial and Industrial usage: RMB2.87/ ton
Water for special usage: RMB3.37/ ton.

Payment Time:
8:00 - 16: 30 (7 days/ week)

Branches of Wuxi Water Supply Company:
North Branch: No. 128 West Renmin Road Tel:0510- 82751651
South Branch: No. 28 Qingyang Road Tel: 0510-82853655
New District Branch: No. 6 Zhujiang Road Tel:0510-85229799
Xishan Branch: 500 meters west of Xidong Road, An Town Tel: 0510-88531228

Hotline: 82764111 (24 hours service)
(You will be provided with consultation on pipeline repair, difficulties in using tap water, water supply problem etc.)


Electricity fee
Living electricity RMB 0.2583/ KWH

Payment time &methods
3 days after monthly meter reading date to end of the month (marked on the residents’ electricity payment cards).
You can pay your fee in cash in the power supply bureau or banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of Jiangsu, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, CITIC Bank, Postal office) with your electricity payment cards.
You also can pay your fee with the help of the online bank, hotline service or self-service payment terminals.
If you have a card of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, you can pay your fee by logging on www.js95598.com

Hotline: 95598 (24hour)
Online service: www.js95598.com
Premise: sustained repair will be carried out no longer than 45mins (urban area), 90mins (suburban area), 2hs (especially remote area), after being informed.
Notice: the electric failures of users’ property was excluded in our service

If you want any information on gas, you can refer the official website
http://www.wxcrg.com.cn/  (Content through this link in mandarine only)

http://www.chinapost.com.cn/ (Content through this link in mandarine only)



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