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Application Documents  

"Foreigners employment application form" (filled out by the employing unit in triplicate)

Report of aliens (issued by the employing unit on the causes and reasons of employment)

Intention document for employment (issued by the employing unit, such as letters of appointment, letters of decision.)

Resume of foreigners to be employed (issued by foreign institutions and organizations or in person and sealed by the unit)

Work certification (proof of qualifications, skills or experience certificate for at least two years issued by the original work place of foreigners engaged)

A copy of a valid passport

No criminal record demonstrate (may be provided by institutions or organizations)

Emdical certificate

Enterprise approval certificate, business license and a copy of Organization Code Certificate

Add: No. 388 East Canal Road, Wuxi

Labor Bureau Window in Administration Service Center

Tel: 0510- 81009819

Legislative authority

"Foreign-invested enterprises in Jiangsu Province labor management" (February 1987 -1989 Provincial People’s Congress in August in Fourth Amendment) Article V

"The State Council to retain items of administrative examination and approval of administrative licensing decision" (State Council Decree No. 412) Section 93

"Employment of foreigners in Chinese regulations” Chapter II Article V


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