How about the personal safety while travelling in Wuxi?
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China is considered one of the safest countries in the world to travel. Crime is very low throughout China, and there are virtually no crimes committed against tourists visiting China. Even during the late evening travelers have little to be concerned about. The Chinese are friendly and hospitable, and Chinese law is quite strict.

Seasoned travelers recommend taking a few simple precautions to avoid potential problems. All Chinese hotels provide an in-room safe or locked security boxes at the front desk. Leave valuables at the hotel. Pickpockets and petty theft are usually the only problems to be on guard against. When in particularly crowded areas and while traveling through airports, train or bus stations, keep an eye on your baggage. If there is a problem report it immediately to a security guard or the police.

Useful Telephone Numbers: 110 for Police, 119 for Fire, 120 for Emergency; other Numbers: 113 for Long Distance Operator, 114 for Directory Inquiries and information, 115 for International Operator, 116 for Long Distance Inquiries, 117 for Time, 121 for Weather.


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