Wuxi has Stepped into "Metro Times"
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On the morning of December 2, 2008, the reporter got news from Press Conference of Wuxi government that the project of Wuxi Urban Mass Transit has been approved by our country. The No. 1 Line will be constructed in 2009 and it is predicted to be put into use in 2014 while No.2 will be built in 2011 and it is predicted to be opened to traffic in 2015. The two lines will be the largest municipal construction engineering in Wuxi’s history. 

No. 1 line and No. 2 line are 56.11 km long in total, with an investment of nearly RMB 25.5 billion.

According to the plan for Wuxi urban rail traffic, by the year of 2050, Wuxi urban high-speed rail traffic will regard main urban district as the core and form radioactive and circular network by three main lines and two subordinate lines. No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 lines are bone lines, showing a radial pattern and No. 4 and No. 5 lines are subordinate lines. The network is planned to be 157.77 km long with 111 stations. The Recent Construction Plan for Wuxi Urban High-speed Rail Traffic approved by the State Council shows that No. 1 and No. 2 lines of 56.11 km long will have been built by 2015 when a cross-shaped traffic network in east-west direction and south-north direction will be formed and “zero transfer” will be realized among Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Shanghai-Nanjing intercity railway as well as other traffic methods. Both of the two lines use type B metro vehicle and 5 carriages including 3 terrain vehicles and 2 trailers will be adopted. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection will be integrated into routines, station design and technical materials. More than 70% vehicles and mechanical equipments will be produced by our country. The total investment for the two lines is estimated to be RMB 25.454 billion, of which RMB 11.454 billion belongs to government project capital, occupying 45% of the total investment.


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