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Wuxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital
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Layout of the Wuxi Maternal and Child Health Hospital


Radiology Department


Registration and Charge Department, Admission Office, TCM Room, Western Medicine Room, Special Medicine Room, Medicine Room for Emergency Treatment, Emergency Room (including Registration and Charge Department for emergency, Exanimation Room and B Ultrasonic Room), Convenient Service Center


Gynecological General Outpatient Service Center, Cervical Disease Outpatient Service Center, Internal Medicine Department, Isolation Clinic, STD Clinic, Rehabilitation Center, OPD Laboratory, B Ultrasonic Room, ECG, Office for Outpatient Department, Registration and Charge Department


Maternity General Outpatient Service, Maternity Expert Outpatient Service, Fetal Monitor Room, Bone Mineral Density Determination, Physical Exanimation Center for the Female, Women Gym Rehabilitation, Dieician, Outpatient Checkups, B Ultrasonic Room, Registration and Charge Department


Maternity Expert Outpatient Service, Misoprostol Outpatient Service Center, Pregnant Care Center, Maternal and Infant Health School, Reproductive Health Department, Andriatry, Children Rehabilitation Department, Children Health Care Center, Early Education Center, Rehabilitation Treatment Room, Infant Swimming Room


Breast Clinic, Breast B Ultrasonic Room, Mammary Gland Infrared Room, Neonatal Clinic, Family Planning Clinic, Family Planning Operating Room, Women’s Psychological Outpatient Service, Menopause Clinic, Specialist Nurses Outpatient Service


Reproductive Department, Famous Doctors Club


Bus: No. 10, 12, 24, 27, 32, 35, 53, 85, 92, 105, 118, 358, 501, 765, 1 Express


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