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Component of Calling Fee

There are two rules to remember:
1. Someone has to pay the long distance fee (not necessarily the caller);
2. They charge according to the real route a call goes.

So there are three types of fees: local call, long distance call and roaming fee.
When the Mobile is not Roaming
The simplest scenario is, the mobile is at its home city (you can tell the home city of a mobile from its phone number), when it calls other mobile, or fixed line telephone, the caller has to pay either local call fee only or local call + long distance call, depending on where the destination is.
If the Mobile is Roaming
It became very complicated.
If you are placing local (the place you are visiting) calls (no matter it is local fixed-line telephone, or local mobile), you pay the roaming fee. No long distance fee is involved, since your mobile directly connects to the local mobile base stations and goes to the destinations.

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