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Yangshan Peach Resort
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Yangshan Mountain was named “Anyang Mountain” in ancient time, for Anyang Duke got his title from the Emperor of Zhou Dynasty and was buried here, 12 km away from Wuxi, the famous tourist city in Southern Yangtze River, with Xinyi- Changxing Railway and Wuxi-Yixing Expressway crossing its area. There are 4 magnificent mountains and beautiful forests within its borders. Yangshan Mountain is renowned for its peach blossom with thousands of mus, ancient volcano with a history of millions of yeas, temples with a history of thousands of years, meriting its reputation of “the spectacular scenery in Southern Yangtze River” for its amazing beauty. Besides, as an important scenic spot in Taihu Lake, it also provides other tourist programs such as volcano tour, historic relic, folk-custom street and environmental friendly agriculture tour. With more friendly environment and beautiful scenery, Yangshan Mountain welcomes the visitors at home and abroad.

Ticket price: RMB 30

Add: Yangshan Town, Huishan District, Wuxi

Bus: No.611

Tel: 0510-83691529

Fax: 0510-83691149  


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