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Wuxi Liyuan Garden
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Liyuan Garden is the National AAAA-class tourist scenic area, an important heritage site under provincial protection and the main scenic spot of Taihu Lake. Liyuan Garden is in southwest Wuxi, on the shore of Lihu Lake (former Wuli Lake). The garden occupies 5.4 hectares, almost half of which is water area. It is one of the most famous gardens for lake scenery in China.

It is said that in the fifth century B.C., Fan Li, a senior official of the State of Yue, retired after having helped his master King Gou Jian defeat the State of Wu. He went boating on Wuli Lake with Xi Shi, a famous beauty, and changed the name of the lake to Lihu after his own given name.

Liyuan Garden, with its pavilions, corridors, and causeways at the lake side, is exquisitely designed and harmonious in color. The most interesting sight is the 1,000-metre-long corridor that winds its way through the park. Along the way are inscriptions of ancient calligraphers. There is also a large white wall with numerous latticed openings from where you can view the park at different angles.

When the plum blossoms in spring, the garden is often heavily crowded with local visitors.

Opening hours: 7:30 to 18:00

Ticket price: RMB 60

Bus: No. 1, 82, 77, 1, 72, 103 and 59

Add: No.70, Qingqi Village, Binhu Region, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Tel: 0510-85133343(Service Center/Tickets hotline); 0510-85114681(Emergency); 0510-85108607(Appeal)

Fax: 0510-85107616





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