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CCTV Wuxi Film/TV Studio
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CCTV Wuxi Film & TV Studio: starter of Chinese Film & TV Theme Park

CCTV Wuxi Film & TV Studio strives to be the biggest Film & TV production company in China integrated with two functions as movie and TV producing and cultural travel by means of the outdoor scene base in Wuxi established by CCTV. Tang Dynasty City, Three Kingdoms City, Margin City and Taipingtianguo City are renowned for their distinct characteristics, large scale, mass visitors and complete shooting functions of Film and TV travel.

Up to now, Three Kingdoms City, Water Margin City and Dang Dynasty City have received 20 million visitors, with a daily visiting record of 40,000 people. Film and TV cultural travel created by CCTV Wuxi Film & TV Studio has become the new hot tourist area in eastern China, promoting a large number of domestic visitors to come to Wuxi. Three Kingdoms and Water Margin Scenic Spot were awarded AAAA-level tourism resort by National Tourism Administration at the beginning of the new century.

pening hours: 7:30 to 17:30

Ticket price: Tang Dynastry City RMB 40; Three Kingdoms City RMB 70; Water Margin City RMB 65

Bus: No.82 and 9

Add: No.1 Qitang Road, Wuxi, Jiangsu

Tel: 0510-85550117

Fax: 0510-85555527




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