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Longtouwan Outdoor Playground is situated in Neilv Village of Mashan Town, the national tourism holiday resort in Taihu Lake, with Yuantouzhu scenic spots on the left and Wanfeng Orchard on the right, facing Taihu Lake and Backing Lingshan Budha, enjoying beautiful scenery. Delicious fruits and fish are available here all year round, especially Longtou waxberry and “Three Whites” of Taihu Lake.

The playground is famous for its country meals and recreational activities as well as outdoor extended training, providing such services as outdoor climbing, arrow-shooting, grilling by lakeside, lake fish meal with country taste, volleyball on lawn, kite-flying, fishing for shrimps, poker and outdoor camping.

Opening hours: 5:00 to 23: 00

Ticket price: RMB 25

Add: Neilv Village, Mashan Town, Taihu Lake National Tourism Holiday Resort

Tel: 0510-85681777





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