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Lihu Lake
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Lihu Lake, also known as Wuli Lake, is a bay of Taihu Lake in the northwest, covering an area of 9.5 square kilometers. It is named after the legend of Fanli and Xishi (one of the four famous beauties in ancient China). Li Garden, formerly Fanli’s residence occupies a corner of Lihu Lake covering an area of some 202 acres.

Opening hours: 7:30 to 18:00

Ticket price:

RMB 45 (including the performance of sea lions)

RMB 60 (including boating on Lihu Lake)

Add: No. 70 Qingqi Village, Binhu District

Bus: No. 1, 82, 1, 59, 72, 77, 103

Tel: 0510-5133343  


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