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Jichang Garden
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Located at the foot of Huishan Mountain in Wuxi City, Jichang Garden, also known as Qinyuan (literally, Qin Garden), was first built during the reign of Emperor Zhengde of the Ming Dynasty (1506-1521). Accommodated with a spring streaming directly from the Huishan Mountain, the garden is an ideal place to appreciate the magnificent splendor of Longguang Pagoda on the top of Xishan Mountain. The artificial rocks arranged along eastern foot of Huishan Mountain look just like the final part of the mountain chain. Of many attractive scenic spots, the most well-received is Baiyingjian (literally, the Stream with Eight Voices), which is renowned for the consummate craftsmanship in the field of utilizing the art of reduplication of hills. In short, the construction of this garden is none other than a model in the field of borrowing the natural scene to please the visitors’ eyes.

Opening hours: 8:00  to 17:30

Add: No. 2, Huishan Zhi Street, Wuxi (inside Xihui Park)

Bus: No. 2, 4, 10, 15, 16, 56, 81, 83, 88, 208, 216 buses, or tourism buses, go off at Xihui Park or Nanhaiyucun Station.

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