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Preferential Policies for Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (west zone)
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1. Tax

Enterprises that meet relevant requirements can enjoy the policy of reducing income tax, VAT, sales tax, adjustment tax and customs duty.

2. Land and buildings

For industrial lands used by foreign-invested enterprises and foreign projects that meet the requirements, the land fees as well as tax can be postponed or derated. Besides, local finance can provide subsidy.

3. Fund and financing

When foreign-invested enterprises finance in China, preferential coordination and arrangement are available. Relevant beneficial policies such as providing guaranty, equity loan, RMB loan and interest subsidy by local finance can be offered.

4. Charge

For the funds and fees regulated by local government, foreign-invested shall submit social security funds for their employees according to Chinese laws and regulations. Other local administrative fees in foreign investment are exempted. If enterprises settled in development zone increase their power supply, they are exempted from power construction funds, pipe connection fees for rain and sewage discharge, land use fees and procedure fees prior to projects.

5. Human resources

The talent training centers for foreign-invested enterprises are set in development zone. Upon their demands for talents, training classes can be opened.

6. Excellent services

"One station" service is applied for administrative application during enterprises’ operation to simplify procedures and increase efficiency. Foreign complaint center is set up to solve relevant problems. In addition, direct station for customs and public bonded warehouse are built to provide excellent, fast and convenient customs and bonded storage services.


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