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Business Plan of Wuxi in "12th Five-Year Plan"
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Adapt to the national new situation on opening and take an active part in domestic and international exchanges and cooperation so as to boost the transformation of open economy and enhance Wuxi’s international competitiveness of economy by promoting common development, the upgrading from “Bring In” to “Bring In” and “Go Out”, and the leaping development on international division of labor.

Optimize the utilization of foreign investment. Enhance the level of the utilization of foreign investment to optimize the utilization and structure of foreign investment based on the maintenance of the total quantity.

Optimize the structure of foreign trade. Promote the transformation development of foreign trade by optimizing the structure of import and export, and intensifying the market development. During the "12th Five-Year Plan", an average annual growth of 8% on total import and export, and an average annual growth of 10% on total export will be strived for. By 2015, the proportion of exports on hi-tech products will have surpassed 50%, and the contract delivery of service outsourcing will have reached USD 9 billion.

Speed up the implementation of “Go Out” Strategy. Strengthen the planning and policy guidance for enterprises on foreign investment based on the principals of market orientation and corporate autonomy to encourage enterprises to go out and make use of the markets and resources at home and abroad to enhance international competitiveness. By 2015, the total amount of newly approved foreign investment will have doubled that of the “11th Five-Year Plan”.

Promote the transformation and upgrading of development zones in Wuxi. Push forward the "second pioneering" of development zones to lift the level of innovation, concentration and service to build the development zones into leading areas of technological innovation, concentration areas of emerging industries and demonstration areas of intensive development, becoming backbone of transformational development on economy.

Strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation. Learn from advanced cities in the world to promote the internationalization of Wuxi. Actively introduce advanced concepts, management, systems and culture from others to establish an urban service system connecting meeting with international standard. By 2015, Wuxi will have had 20 more sister cities. 

Investment Policies

1. Policies for “530 Plan”

30 returned overseas entrepreneurial talents will be introduced to Wuxi within 5 years, according to Wuxi Municipal Government’s Suggestions for the Implementation of Returned Overseas Entrepreneurs Introduction Plan put forward in 2006.

Within one month after a venture investment corporation (or company) registered, the advanced returned overseas talents of it will be provided with a start-up fund of RMB 1 million (for each venture investment project) by Wuxi Municipal Government, while governments of the county or district where the venture investment corporation (or company) settle down are responsible to provide it with a working place and a living area, both of which should be no less than 100 square meters and are rent free for 3 years. Moreover, the talents will be provided with a financial guarantee of RMB 3 million at least.

2. Policies for “123 Plan”

"123 Plan", namely, by 2010, there will have been 100 enterprises engaging in international service outsourcing and software export. The staff number of each enterprise will exceed 2,000, and the annual exports will be more than USD 30 million. Wuxi Municipal Government is to provide support such as rent relief, financial subsidy, export award and talent award, for those enterprises with certain scale, popularity and potential

3. Policies for “Program for Global Experts”

The “Program for Global Experts” of Wuxi is to introduce and support more than 1,000 advanced overseas talents to crave out in Wuxi in 5 years (2011-2015), centering on Wuxi’s target to build "National Innovation-oriented City" and “Hi-Tech Industrial City”. It is strived to build Wuxi into "Orient Silicon Valley" by assembling a group of advanced overseas talents and teams in the year of 2020.

4. Policies for Headquarters Economy

From 2010, comprehensive headquarters of the newly established enterprises (R & D centers included) will be awarded at most RMB 10 million, and the functional headquarters will be awarded at most RMB 5 million according to their scales and contributions since their affirmation.

Advantages of industrial foundation

Wuxi is among the cities with the highest level of openness, as well as cities with national manufacturing centers. Wuxi’s industrial output value by scaled enterprises ranks the 6th place among all the mainland cities with 5 key industries, including electronic information, new materials, machinery equipment, motor vehicles and parts, and high-grade textile.

Advantages of efficient service

Wuxi Municipal Administrative Service Center: one-stop service platform for foreign-invested enterprises.

Main institutions for investment service: Wuxi Complaint Center for Foreign-Invested Enterprises, Wuxi Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises, Wuxi Consulting Service Center for Foreign-Invested Enterprises and Wuxi City Investment Promotion Office.

Advantages of efficient customs logistics

Wuxi has a favorable clearance condition with integration of waterways and land routes, including Jiangyin Port (national first-class port), Wuxi Gangxia Dianqiao Port (national second-class port), Wuxi New District Export Processing Zone, Wuxi New District Customs Straight Way, Jiangyin Bonded Logistics Center and Yixing Customs Straight Way. Meanwhile, electronic software for customs application and inspection has been installed in key import and export enterprises in the promotion of E-Port.


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