How do I get a China visa?
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All foreign residents entering China must have a visa.
The main classes of visas in China are:
- A 'D' Visa - intended for anyone who intends to live permanently in China.
- An 'F' Visa - intended for those entering China for up to 6 months for business, research purposes, etc.
- A 'G' Visa - intended to permit transit through China.
- An 'X' Visa - intended for entry for study and advanced study purposes for over 6 months.
- A 'Z' Visa - intended for a foreign resident who intends working in China.
A visa is usually issued in the offices of the Chinese Representation in foreign countries. In certain circumstances the visa may be obtained at points of entry into China, including when a foreign resident arrives for a visit to a professional exhibition, for signing a business agreement, for examining business data, etc.


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