Education Mentioned in the 12th Five-Year Outline
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Wuxi makes efforts to realize education modernization. It gives priority to education and focuses on achieving the popularization of higher level education, providing equitable education among all the people, offering abundant quality education and effective social services and establishing a vibrant completed and life-long education system and mechanism, so as to promote the scientific development of education and enhance the satisfaction of the people for education. In term of preschool education, Wuxi strives to well run a batch of public kindergartens and support the private kindergartens, as well as comprehensively popularize preschool education and optimize the school-running layout, to meet the need of good preschool education of children. As to the compulsory education, Wuxi speeds up to establish national and provincial compulsory education balanced-developed demonstration zones, to achieve a balanced development between regions, schools, rural and urban. Wuxi will deepen the reform in senior high school entrance examination system and enrollment system, to develop a diversified and characteristic quality-oriented education and high schools, establish schools specialized in science and technology education, promote the education for the disabled and implement fifteen-year free education for disabled children and teenagers. Higher vocational education is stepped up to develop; Wuxi Vocational Education Park and public practice bases are planned to build. As to higher education, Wuxi will innovate the mechanism of input and running of schools, strengthen these schools, including Jiangnan University, Dongnan University Wuxi Branch, Wuxi Fisheries College NAU and Peking University School of Software and Microelectronics at Wuxi, introduce and establish Tongda College of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Pujiang College of Nanjing University of Technology, support Taihu College of Jiangnan University to transform into a private undergraduate school, as well as Wuxi City College of Vocational Technology upgraded to be a public undergraduate school. Wuxi is prepared to build Wuxi University, develops research-oriented higher education institutes and support key disciplines construction. Moreover, Wuxi will improve life-long education system to raise the participation rate of continuing education by a big margin, as well as expands joint venture cooperation in running schools and supporting channels, to form a diversified, multilevel and open education pattern. 

Education and science & technology in Wuxi

Quality education at all levels: Wuxi had have 482 schools by the end of 2010, and 803,700 students in schools, among which there were 110,000 students from colleges and universities, 7,000 more than the previous year. The prevalence rates of primary school and middle school both reached 100%, and the retention rates were 100% and 98.36% respectively; the enrolment of disabled children was over 98%. The proportion of joiner high school graduates entering schools of a higher grade was 99.5%, and the gross enrollment ratio of senior high schools reached 113.14%. There were 26.53 people among 10,000 people reached the line for undergraduate education averagely, and the college entrance rate was up to 92.1%. In addition, Wuxi was included in the first group of “Jiangsu Province Demonstration Cities in Standard Education Fee”.

Improved science and technology: Wuxi processes 36 national and provincial engineering technology research centers, 85 municipal engineering technology research centers, 22 national and provincial science and technology incubation service centers, 4 municipal science and technology incubation service centers, 23 key national and provincial laboratories and 15 municipal ones.

Remarkable achievements in science and technology innovation: Wuxi applied 10,899 patents, up 51.7% over the previous year, including 2,640 patents for invention, increased by 52.3%; and the amount of patent granted was 5,028, up 11% over the previous year. Besides, Wuxi gained 234 national and provincial programs on science and technology, and obtained RMB 250 million of national and provincial funds for science and technology projects as planned.


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