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Turtle-Head Peninsula Scenic Spot
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The Turtle-Head Peninsula Scenic Spot is richly endowed by nature and thus an ideal place for natural enjoyment, vacation and leisure. The Turtle-Head Peninsula Resort at the Zhongdu Hill, surrounded by water with green trees and beautiful scenery, was listed one of the first sanatoriums as early as in the 1950’s by the State Council. After recent years’ renovation, updating and improvement, it is now a good place for vacation, health care and business travel with new and professional the physical examination center, sub-health consulting center and conference center.

The waterfront restaurants, boat feast of lake foods, night cruise on the Taihu Lake, local speciality shops, recreational facilities in the scenic spot meet the various needs of dining, shopping, entertaining and health care. The sightseeing train, high-speed luxury yacht and seven-sail fishing boat of the ancient style give you great enjoyment while touring the hills, water and gardens.

Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00

Ticket price: RMB 105 (including fee for entrance ticket, boat and sightseeing car)

Add: Wuxi Taihu Turtle-Head Peninsula Scenic Spot

Bus: No. 1 and 87

Tel: 0510-96889688;




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