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Taihu Fairy Land
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The Island in Taihu Lake is on the three islands 2.6 kilometers south of Turtle-head Peninsula. It gets its nickname from its shape—Turtle Hill. On the island, there are thick trees, marvelous buildings, pools and caves. Scenic spots there include a decorated archway, Huixian Bridge, Yuekai Cave, Sky Street, Tiandu Palace, Taiyi Temple of Heaven, Lixiao Palace, Dajue Bay and Xianfo Cave as well as monkey tricks. It is a featured scenic spot combining Chinese traditional and historical culture and a beautiful natural view. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful view and enjoy music as if they were in wonderland.

Way to get there: you can take a boat at the wharf of Turtle-head Peninsular. The last tour boat is at 17:55 every day. If you take the last boat back to the tour center, there are buses with air-conditioning waiting there. However, if there is no bus, you can hire a taxi to the downtown area. It only costs you about RMB 30 to get to Zhongshan Road.

Opening hours: 7:00 to 17:30

Ticket price: RMB 105 (including fee for boat and sightseeing car)

Add: on the three islands 2.6 kilometers south of Turtle-head Peninsular



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