Introduction of Projects
Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign-Invested Industries -- Encouraged (Part 6)
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(8) Manufacture of 3-dimension CAD, CAT, CAM, CAE and other computer application system

(9) Development and manufacture of software

(10) Development and production of materials specific for semi-conductor and components

(11) Manufacture of electronic equipment, testing equipment, tools and moulds

(12) Manufacture of new type electronic components and parts (slice components, sensitive components, sensors, frequency monitoring and selecting components, hybrid integrated circuit, electrical and electronic components, photoelectric components, new type components for machinery and electronics)

(13) Manufacture of hi-tech green batteries: non-mercury alkali-manganese batteries, powered nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries, high-capacity wholly sealed maintenance-proof lead-acid accumulators, fuel batteries, pillar-shaped zinc-air batteries

(14) Development and manufacture of key components for high-density digital compact disk driver

(15) Reproduction of read-only compact disk and manufacture of recordable compact disk

(16) Design and manufacture of civil satellites (Chinese partner shall hold the majority of shares)

(17) Manufacture of civil satellites effective payload (Chinese partner shall hold the majority of shares)

(18) Manufacture of spare pans for civil satellites

(19) Design and manufacture of civil carrier rockets (Chinese partner shall hold the majority of shares)

(20) Manufacture of telecommunication system equipment for satellites

(21) Manufacture of receiving equipment of satellite navigation and key components (equity joint ventures or contractual joint ventures only)

(22) Manufacture of optical fibre preformrod

(23) Manufacture of serial transmission equipment of digital microwave synchronization of 622 MB/S

(24) Manufacture of serial transmission equipment of phototiming synchronization of 10 GR/S

(25) Manufacture of equipment for cut-in communication network with broad bond

(26) Manufacture of optical cross-linking equipment (OXC)

(27) Manufacture of ATM and IP data communication system

(28) Manufacture of mobile communication systems (GSM, CDMA, DCS1800, DECT, IMT2000): mobile telephone, base station, switching equipment and digital colonization system equipment

(29) Development and manufacture of high-end router, network switchboard of gigabit per second or over

(30) Manufacture of equipment for air traffic control system (equity joint ventures or contractual joint ventures only)

21. Machinery Industries for Instrument and Meter, Culture and Office

(1) Development and production of digital cameras and key components

(2) Development and manufacture of precision on-line measuring instrument

(3) Manufacture of new technical equipment for safe production and environment protection detecting instrument

(4) Manufacture of new-tech equipment of water quality and fume on-line detecting instrument

(5) Manufacture of instrument and equipment for hydrological data collecting, processing, transmitting and flood warning

(6) Production of new type of meters' spare parts and materials (mainly new switches and function materials for meters such as intelligent sensors, socket connector, flexible circuit board, photoelectric switches and proximity switches.)

(7) Manufacture of new type printing devices (laser printers, ink-jet printers)

(8) Maintenance of precision instrument and equipment, post-sale services

22. Other Manufacture Industries

(1) Development and utilization of clean-coal technical product (coal gasification, coal liquefaction, water-coal, industrial lump-coal)

(2) Coal ore dressing by washing and comprehensive utilization of powered coal (including desulphurized plaster), coal gangue

Ⅳ. Production and Supply of Power, Gas and Water

1. Construction and management of thermal-power plants with a single unit installed capacity of'300,000kW or above

2. Construction and management of power plants with the technology of clean coal burning

3. Construction and management of heat power plants

4. Construction and management of power plants with natural gas;

5. Construction and management of hydropower stations with the main purpose of power generating

6. Construction and management of nuclear-power plants (Chinese partner shall hold the majority of shares)

7. Construction and management of new energy power plants (solar energy, wind energy, magnetic energy, geothermal energy, tide energy and biological mass energy, etc.)

8. Construction and management of urban water plants

Ⅴ. Water Resources Management Industry

1. Construction and management of key water control projects for comprehensive utilization (the Chinese party shall hold the relative majority of shares)


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