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Social Welfare
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The cover of social welfare was increasing. In 2007, Wuxi further optimized its social guarantee system and expanded it to a larger coverage. The number of urban enterprise workers who had purchased old-age insurance reached 1.7304 million, and increase of 228100 more than the previous year. And 1.9215 million urban enterprise workers purchased basic medical insurance, an increase of 238500 people. In addition, 1181100 people got involved in unemployment risk insurance schemes, an increase of 138300. At the end of 2007, a total of 21100 people received unemployment funds. The number of urban people involved in work injuries and birth insurance was 1257800 and 1119500 respectively. All enterprise retirees receive pensions. Social welfare undertaking developed further. In 2007, there were 10364 people living in organs run by welfare societies, which boasted 16328 beds. Some 6782 community service facilities had been built in various towns. Also in the year, 77555poverty-stricken people in urban and rural areas got their basic living insurance. In the year, city issued 105.254 million Yuan to the poverty stricken, with the number of people enjoying preference in being issued with relief funds reached 190,000. In 2007, people from various walk of life donated 2.336 billion Yuan.


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