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Car Inspection
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1. Automobile inspection
1) Filling the table of "Motor Vehicle Inspection on a regular basis table" (Private car owners signed and sealed)
2) Adhering the number on the car and attached to the motor vehicle inspection on a regular basis table on the appropriate location.

1) Registration and be validation at the reception desk
2) To pay fee
3) To process Visa

2. Report loss of vehicle
Any loss of vehicle should be reported within 48 hours of incident for insurance and claims handling.

3. Process of temporary driver's license
Procedure for application of driver's license for holders of foreign a license (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

1) Take digital photos with proof of identity;
2) Fill in the "motor vehicle driver's license application form"
3) Complete medical check-up with proof of identity;
4) The motor outside vehicle driver's license belonging to non-Chinese statement, translated to a specific location translation;
5) Submit relevant information,
6) Appointment of a test;
7) Participate in a timed test;
8) Apply for driver’s license and schedule appointment for one of three tests for large passenger cars, tractors and medium-sized passenger cars, or large trucks;
9) See window for test results and/or application review;
10) Pay related fees, obtain driver’s permit and "Motor Vehicle Driver's License Application form vice.”

Charges Standard
Science examination fees: RMB 40 / person
Driver's examination fees: RMB 40 / person
Motorcycle driver examination fees: RMB 5 / person
Transfer fees: RMB 5 once
Motor vehicle driver's license: RMB 10 / person


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