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Wuxi Customs District of People's Republic of China
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Add: No 618 Hubin Road, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-68933114; 

Fax: 0510-85101237

P.C.: 214071

Complaints Hotline: 0510-85102324, 85118492 

Informant Hotline: 0510-85124517

Business Consulting Line: 0510-85201391(for examination of documents), 85201425 (for identification)

Brief Introduction

Wuxi Customs District of PRC, attached to Nanjing Customs District of PRC, was established in January of 1988 and has performed its function since November 18 of the same year. Its jurisdiction extends over Wuxi City (Districts) and Yixing City.

The headquarters of Wuxi Customs, located on No 618 Hubin Road, is a security department in the second line and provides no customs service.

Offices under Wuxi Customs District of PRC

Anti-smuggling Division under Wuxi Customs Department
established on August 16, 1999, located on No 618 Hubin Road, is attached to Bureau of Anti-smuggling under Nanjing Customs. Its jurisdiction extends over Wuxi urban area, Xishan District, Huishan District, Binhu District and Yixing City.

The Office of E-port Data Administration
, located on No 288 Gaolang Road, New District, consists of the Office of Customs Clearance, the Office of Customs Control and Inspection, the Office of Statistics and the Preparatory Team for Airports.

The Office of Customs Clearance is in charge of documents auditing, customs, signing and issuing certificates and documents for customs declaration in seven districts.

The Office of Customs Control and Inspection is in charge of customs transit and reconciliation, examination and inspection, sampling, discharging of import and export goods in Wuxi ports, as well as daily management and annual examination on registration of transport enterprises, vehicles, and drivers.

The Office of Statistics mainly assumes the entire statistics work in Wuxi Customs; and the Preparatory Team for Airports, a temporary branch set up to meet the temporary opening of Wuxi airport, is responsible for the inspection on airplanes, air cargo, flight crew, passengers and baggage entering or exiting, as well as assumes the customs preparation work for the opening of the airport. 

The Office of Export Processing Zone
, next to the Office of E-port Data Administration, located on No 287, Gaolang Road, mainly inspects and provides services for the enterprises engaged in export processing.


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