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Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce
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Main functions:

1. Participate in the research and formulation of the city’s strategies and objectives for national economic development; put forward opinions and suggestions after research and analysis concerning major issues in economic and trade; draw up and organize the implementation of the planning and comprehensive policies about the city’s industry, business and trade; collect, sort out and release economic information

2. Participate in the drafting, organizing and implementing the regulation objectives, policies and measures for the economic operation; monitor and analyze the city’s economic operation; guide and regulate the economic operation, coordinate and resolve the problems in the economic operation; guide and help industrial enterprises make up the deficits and get surpluses; coordinate the communications and logistics

3. Research and lay down the planning and policies concerning the production, development, market and other issues of power, coal and other energies; formulate and implement the power generating planning with new energies and renewable energies

4. Research and come up with suggestions, proposals, regulations and policies about new industrialization, innovation through technologies, industrial technological progress, industrialization of high technologies; push forward the development of technical innovating system, major innovation projects, etc.

5. Push forward the sustainable development strategy, policies, planning and solve the major issues between economic development, environmental protection and energy consumption

6. Lay out the implementing suggestions of national industrial policies; guide the industrial and commercial restructuring and upgrading, including the policies and measures of industrial development directions, improvement of industrial structure, ownership pattern and corporate organizational structure

7. Research and put forward the planning and policies on manufacturing and other major industries development

8. Make an investment layout of competitive trades and guide the investment orientation of industrial and commercial companies, financial institutions and social capitals

9. Work out the strategies, planning and measures on the city’s circulating businesses

10. Draw up the regulations, policies and guidance on the foreign capital used in industrial and commercial fields, import and export administration, anti-dumping, countervailing and other protective measures, and pre-warning system of industries

11. Guide, coordinate and promote the development and reform of the private businesses, township enterprises and medium and small-sized enterprises

12. Research and draft the policies and planning of the service sector

13. Macro-control and guide various sectors of the economy and standardize corporate activities

14. Make an overall plan of the war industries

15. Other duties assigned by the Municipal Government

Departments directly under Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce

Wuxi Complaint Center for foreign-invested enterprises

Add: No.4, Jiankang Road, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-82754342

Contact person: Yan Qilin

P.C.: 214001

Wuxi Consultancy Centre on Affairs of WTO

Add: 11th Floor, Wuxi International Trade Center, No.4, Jiankang Road, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-8272822

Contact person: Xu Huijuan

P.C.: 214001

Wuxi City Investment Promotion Office

Add: 10th Floor, International Trade Center, No.4, Jiankang Road, Wuxi, China

P.C.: 214001

Fax: 0510-81011123

Administration Department

Tel: 0510-81011121, 0510-81011105

Department of Japan & Korea

Tel: 0510-81011109, 0510-81011107, 0510-81011106

Department of U.S.A and Canada

Tel: 0510-81011112, 0510-81011113, 0510-81011115

Department of Europe

Tel.: 0510-81011116, 0510-81011117

Department of South East Asia

Tel: 0510-81011118, 0510-81011119

India (Mumbai)

Add: 1604, Glen Croft Cooperative Hsg Society, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai


Tel/Fax: +91-22-40103976

Mobile: +91-9833-942-115 (Janet Zhang), +91-9886-031-470 (Jason Zhang)


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