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Wuxi Municipal Office of Port Service
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Add: 2 Jiankang Road, Wuxi

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Wuxi has a favorable customs clearance condition with integration of waterways and land routes, including Jiangyin Port (national first-class port), Wuxi Gangxia Dianqiao Port (national second-class port), Wuxi New District Export Processing Zone and Wuxi New District Straight Way.  


1. Implement the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations on port work put forward by Party and relevant departments; and develop specific requirements and implementation, according to the decisions of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, Wuxi Municipal Government and Wuxi Municipal Port Commission.

2. Be responsible for the unified management of various ports in Wuxi.

3. Be responsible for the research of strategy and plan on port development.

4. Draw up the construction plans of ports in Wuxi with relevant departments.

5. Be responsible for the coordination on import and export of foreign trade transportation, and organization of various ports in Wuxi in dealing with collection and distribution of goods, to promote the business development and smooth condition of the ports.

6. Supervise the inspection units of the ports to do well in the inspection and quarantine of passengers, vehicles, cargos and luggage according to the laws and regulations.

7. Coordinate and handle the divergence among port units (including foreign trade transportation, cargo agents, loading and unloading of cargos, storage and transportation, inspection and quarantine, notarization and appraisal, and station service), and arbitrate these problems when necessary.

8. Be responsible for the distribution, management and usage of the funds distributed by national, provincial and municipal departments, and the argumentation and judgment of supporting facilities, as well as the organization of project implementation. Collect the national administration fees on port service and management fees on the supervision of port enterprises.

9. Organize the port units to carry out activities of socialist spiritual civilization; organize training on integrated management of port and knowledge on foreign-related business; guide the port units to carry out trainings on laws, regulations and foreign-related policies to staff; deal with major foreign-related events and cases related to the violation of the law.

10. Deal with other duties assigned by the Municipal Government


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