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The Foreign Affair Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government
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Brief Introduction
The Foreign Affair Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government is a department in charge of all foreign affairs for Wuxi Municipal People’s Government.

Subordinated institutes of the Foreign Affair Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government
Wuxi Municipal Service Center for Friendship with Foreign Countries
Wuxi Municipal Service Center for Friendship with Foreign Countries, set up in 1987 to improve the investment environment and promote the opening up to foreign countries, is a comprehensive service organization for foreign-related affairs under the administration of Wuxi Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.

The Center is the only professional human resource service organization authorized by Wuxi municipal government for recruiting, dispatching and managing of Chinese employees on behalf of the Resident Representative Offices of Foreign Enterprises in Wuxi. It is a member of the China Association of Foreign Service Trades, qualified overseas employment agent by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and designated visa agent by consulates general of Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia in Shanghai. Meanwhile, it is also an agent authorized by China Education Ministry and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Public Security to provide services of exit and entry of the country (emigration) for personal affairs and help students pursue self-supported overseas study and an employment intermediate agency registered at Wuxi Trade and Industry Administration and Social Labor and Security Department.

As one of the windows of Wuxi’s international exchange, communication and foreign-related service, Wuxi Municipal Service Center for Friendship with Foreign Countries has, for years, maintained wide cooperation and connection with many countries and regions in the world, which has helped us accumulate abundant experience and improve ability in foreign service. With a complete service system and a group of qualified and professional staff experienced in foreign service, we provide excellent, standard service.

Major business cover: human resource service for foreign enterprises, entry and exit the country service for Chinese citizens, international exchange and foreign trade, overseas employment, technical training in foreign countries, overseas study, emigration-related service, labor recruitment and employment agent.

Add: Room 1210 in the Guolian Mansion, No 8, East Xianqian Road, Wuxi
Tel: 82830717
Fax: 82832019
P.C.: 214003

Offices Introduction of Foreign Affair Office
Translation Service Center
Tel: 0510-82830717
Deputy Director: Xian Zhenyu (Tel: 0510-81825228)
Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office
Tel: 0510-81825205
Head of the office: Mr. Qi
Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office
Tel: 0510-82831652
Head of the office: Ding Yuyang (Tel: 0510-81825207)
The Office of Going Abroad and Entering China Affairs
Tel: 0510-82833253
Head of the office: Yao Ji (Tel: 0510-81825524)   
Vice Head of the office: Zhao Yifan (Tel: 0510-81825655)
The Office of Foreign Business
Tel: 0510-82833261
Head of the office: Zhao Wei (Tel: 0510-81825221) 
Vice Head of the office: Sun Yan (Tel: 0510-81825222)
The Office of Asia-Pacific Affairs
Tel: 0510-82833526
Vice Head of the office: Sun Jingxin (Tel: 0510-81825217)
The Office of European and African Affairs
Tel: 0510-82832025
Head of the office: Zhan Yi (Tel: 0510-81825213) 
Full-time Secretary of Party Committee of the Office: Jiang Xiaoqian (Tel: 0510-81825208)  
Vice Head of the office: Xin Zhihong (tel: 0510-81825214)
The Secretariat
Tel: 0510-82833978
Head of the office: Liu Shuhong (Tel: 0510-81825200)  
Vice Head of the office: Yuan Anqing (Tel: 0510-81825209)


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