Introduction of Wuxi Grand Theater
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One of the key cultural projects in Wuxi, Wuxi Grand Theater covering covers a total area of more than 70,000 square meters and stands on the south bank of Lihu Lake.

The building is designed by the Finnish architect Pekka?Samirine. He said that Wuxi Grand Theater is a work of art itself, which reflects that Wuxi is an environmental-friendly city. In addition, Wuxi Grand Theater reflects the green design concept: the environmental and ecological concerns and the efficient use of energy strategy. The wing-like roof suggests the ecological concern: minimizing the size of the building’s

temperature control, the use of energy from the lake for cooling or heating system, intelligent and energy-saving outside walls of the building.

From the overall design map we can see that the Grand Theater consists of two body volumes, known as volume A and volume B. Among them, Volume A is the main performing hall formed by five leaf-like buildings, which can accommodate more than 1,700 people. Volume B is a multi-function hall formed by three leaf-like buildings, which can accommodate more than 700 people.

As an important culture and art center and landmark building, there are many functions in this theater: the main hall can hold world-class opera, first-class symphony, drama, dance and ballet performances as well as acting as a meeting hall; the multi-function hall can hold performances of chamber music, classical music, drama, electro-acoustic music and fashion shows. It is said that Wuxi Grand Theater, invested with over RMB 1 billion, will be in construction for about 2 years and hopefully to be completed in 2011. 



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