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Wuxi People’s Hospital
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There are 240 clinics in the Wuxi People’s Hospital, and the outpatient service centers for adults and children are located in different areas.

Layout of the Wuxi People’s Hospital









Children Outpatient Service Center, including the children infusion area and outpatient blood collection

One-stop service center; offices for medical cards; settlement area; Chinese and western medicine room; injection room and tea bar

Obstetrics and Gynecology Department; Family Planning Department; MRCT; CT Room; MRI Room; DAS Room

Building for the hospitalized

Surgical emergency for children; emergency treatment for adults

Infectious Diseases Department


Internal Medicine Department; Dermatological Department; Medical Cosmetology

traditional Chinese Medicine Department; Needle Injury Physiotherapy Room;  B Ultrasonic Room; Digestive Endoscopy; Bronchoscope Room; Laticifers Mirror Cells; EMG Room; EKG Room; Echocardiogram Room; Children's Sports and Recover Room

Children’s medical emergency,

Special Rooms


Surgery Department; Department of ENT; Out-patient Operating Room; Shock Wave Lithotripsy Chamber

Clinical Laboratory; Blood Collection Center

Operation Rooms

Wards for Officers (Geriatrics Dept.)


Department of Ophthalmology; Department of Dentistry; VIP Outpatient Service; Experts Consultation Center

Nuclear Medicine dept; Central Laboratory




Procedures for medical treatment
Procedures for outpatient service: first visit → dealing with an medical card → registration with the card → waiting in the sorting station → consulting room → settlement → booking the medical examination with the card → consulting room → taking medicine with the card

Bus: No. 81, 38, 31, 29, 24, 23, 13, 5, 72, 77, 70, 103, 113, 118


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