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Wuxi No.2 People’s Hospital
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Layout of the Wuxi No.2 People’s Hospital


One-stop Service Center; Outpatient Pharmacy; Surgery Department; Pharmacy for Surgery; Office for Registration and Charges; Office for Registration in and Discharge


Internal Medicine Department; Dermatology Outpatient Department; MRICT; Office for Registration and Charges


Ent (Expert) Outpatient Service Center; Dental (Expert) Outpatient Service Center; B Ultrasonic Room; EKG; Gastric (Intestinal) Examination Room; ECG Room; TCD Room; Office for Registration and Charges


Eye  (Expert) Outpatient Service Center; Eye Excimer Laser Center; Eye Treatment Room; Fundus Laser; Fundus Imaging; Gynecological Clinic; Optometry Room; Birth Control Operating Room; Office for Registration and Charges


Outpatient Service Center for retired officers; Outpatient Service Center of Traditional Chinese Medical; Chinese Acupuncture; Outpatient Department of Pediatrics; Department of Physiotherapy; Audiometric Room; Skin Beauty Center; Office for Registration and Charges


Specialist Clinic; Preventive Care Center; Nosocomial Infection Center; Outpatient Service Operating Room (eye); PuRen International Health Care Center; Outpatient Service Center for Foreigners; Outpatient Department; GCP Office; Office for Registration and Charges; Neurologist Center Special Outpatient Service    


Central Laboratory; Pathology Department


If you want to have a physical exanimation, please reach the Physical Exanimation Center at 0510-82727501 - 5241.
The Puren International Health Care Center in the Wuxi No. 2 People’s Hospital will provide advanced services for you, and you can apply to be a member of the center for health care. You can contact the center through 0510-82727501- 5888.
Wuxi No.2 People’s Hospital is the medical unit of Wellbe and Global Doctor.

Bus: No. 81, 723, 501


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