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Distribution and services of each outpatient service center

Outpatient Service Centers of the Headquarters (No.156 Qianrong Road, Wuxi): Psychiatry Department, Psychological Consultation Clinic, Neurology, Endocrinology Department, Nutrition Department, Children’s Psychiatric Department and Expert or General Departments for Internet Addition Treatment.

The Outpatient Service Center on Qinxue Road (No.28 Qinxue Road, Wuxi): Department of c, Psychiatry, Psychological Consultation Clinic, Neurology, Endocrinology Department and Children’s Psychiatric Department

The Outpatient Service Center on Huaishuxiang (No.1 Huaishuxiang, Wuxi): Nanjing Medical University Wuxi Stomatologic Cooperative Treatment Center with advanced equipment, technology and service

Hotline for Psychological Consultation: 83012698, providing service 24 hours a day for free
                                                                 82755919, little swan free counseling hotline
Reservation Service: make online reservation through  
                 make reservation through 83012698-8120
                 Qinxue Road Center: 82768652
                 Stomatologic Treatment Center: 82755810
Bus: No. 206, 83, 26, 4, 43, 39, 83


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