The origin of "Wuxi"
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Taihu area is always a place with good weather for the crops, and people here enjoy their happy life. However, there was once a catastrophe according to the elderly. It is said that people were woken up one night by the blare of a huge gleamy sphere called tin ball. The ball rushed into earth and the part on earth became a hill. People were surprised by the ball and wondered whether it was a disaster or a fortune.  

Unexpectedly, a fierce gale sprang up and the water rushed to the bank from the earlier surgeless Taihu Lake. In the water, nine monsters with squama fought with each other for the tin ball all night until the dawn came. 

In the following days, these monsters still fought in Taihu Lake every night, which brought great suffering to people around Taihu Lake. After several days, there came an old man with white hair.
After acquiring about the whole story from the local people, the old man told them that the tin ball was a treasure of the Dragon Palace and the nine monsters were the sons of the Dragon King. On hearing this, people all implored the old man to help them defuse the disaster.

The old man said that only by wiping out these monsters could they regain their peaceful life. As the ordinary people, they were all frustrated because they had no ability to kill the monsters. At that time, the old man came up with an idea that they needed to move away the tin ball, for the objective of the monsters was the tin ball. But it was still a difficulty for the locals to move such a huge ball, or to be Foolish Old Mans. And the confusion was removed by the old man, and the ball was in fact a pile of stone mounds covered with a tin shell. Therefore, they only needed to move the tin shell, which was much easier for people there.  

Afterwards, all men and women, old and young were united to excavate the tin and deeply bury it into earth. After a whole day’s hard work, all the tin was removed, only leaving a bald mound.
At that night, the monsters came again and went out of their mind as soon as finding out that the tin ball had gone. When the dawn came, they went back to their palace bitterly. 

On the morning, the locals found that a chain of mountains uplift in front of the bald mound. It looked like that nine dragons faced the tin ball without tin. So people there called the mountain “Nine Dragons Mountain”. Later, the name of “Wuxi” came out because there was no tin in the mountain any longer.


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