Analysis on Outline of Wuxi Municipal Harmonious Construction Action
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In accordance with the requirements of Central Government, Wuxi Municipal Government issued the Outline of Wuxi Municipal Harmonious Construction Action (2007-2010). The outline is the necessity of building harmonious society for Wuxi citizens, while at the same time serving the urgent needs of constructing National Model City in Wuxi. The outline stipulates relevant issues concerning people’s livelihood in various parts. Based on the actual situation of Wuxi’s social and economic development level, the outline aims to strengthen citizens’ moral deeds, forge the harmonious relationship among human beings and environment, showcase the development direction for Wuxi. The outline contains the following essences:

1 Promote Harmonious Theory

Harmonious Construction Theory is at the core of building socialist value system at the national level. Harmonious Theory has a close connection with the cultural and ideological progress. At present, there has been a tremendous improvement of citizens’ ethics. However, some factors that affecting harmonious society still exist. In this regard, the outline largely promotes the volunteer’s ethics. The core value behind the volunteer’s ethics is devotion, while the essence of devotion is harmony.

Specific Index

The publicity of socialist value system and related knowledge reaches 90% among the population in our city; the registered volunteer’s number reaches 8% among the population in our city; Blood Donation without repayment covers 100% of blood supply in our city.

2 Construct Harmonious Culture

Harmonious culture embodies enhance of city spirit, model learning, innovation cultivation, talent respect and defuse of social contradictions. Harmonious Culture Construction should focus on the building of culture infrastructure, enrichment of culture values and implementation of cultural activities.  

3 Strengthen Harmonious Foundation

In real life, individual, family, community and society are interrelated with each other. The tenet of strengthening harmonious foundation is to focus on people foremost, serve citizens and attend to people’s satisfaction. Build harmonious communities, industries, villages and towns under the guidance of spiritual civilization progress.


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