Analysis on Three-Year Plan on Building Apartments for High-Level Talents
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Three-Year Plan on Building Apartments for High-Level Talents has been issued recently to speed up the "talent special zone" construction. The plan says, Wuxi will take three years to accomplish the construction and preparation for 10,000 sets of houses with an area of 1 million square meters, and to establish a supply and guarantee system of well-equipped and convenient apartments for talents, which is in distinct levels and with reasonable allocation.  

To solve housing problems for three kinds of talents

The plan explicates the targets for the high-level talents apartments, namely, outstanding talents, leader-type talents and senior talents. More detailed explanation for the three kinds are followed. Outstanding talents include domestic academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians of other academies of sciences and academies of engineering in developing countries, and the first contributors of big prizes acknowledged at home and abroad. Leader-type talents refer to leaders of institutions of higher education, research institutes and research teams of key enterprises and institutions with above-provincial subjects, as well as innovation leaders in the same level; it also includes first-class and high-level operation and management talents assuming intermediate or senior positions in world top 500 enterprises, or assuming senior positions in top 500 enterprises in China, and hi-tech pioneering entrepreneurial talents introduced according to Wuxi Thousand Talents Plan and “530” Plan. Senior talents refer to needed talents with deputy senior titles or above and corresponding backbones.

Concentrated building and market repurchase to ensure housing

10,000 sets of talents apartments mentioned in the plan will be achieved by concentrated building and market repurchase. According to the plan, the 100,000 square meters and around 1000 sets of houses will be concentrated-built together with low-renting public housing and the supporting buildings will be included in the newly-added affordable housing project.

Well-equipped and free living for three years

The plan detailed three-year building standard and allocation ways for talents apartments: the area of single room is limited with 60-100 square meters and the room is so well-equipped that one can live as soon as he/she enters; apartments are for leases in principle and without charging rent within first three years. After three years, 50% discount, compared to market housing rent at the same period, will be granted, if the person continues to live in.    


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