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Wuxi Experimental Kindergarten

Headmaster: Ye Lan

Tel: 82740003

Add: No.10, Xueqian Rd. (E)

Website: http://www.wxsy.com.cn

Introduction: Wuxi Experimental Kindergarten was established in 1952 and became the first demonstration kindergarten of Jiangsu Province in 1981. It is a prestigious kindergarten with fine traditions and rich teaching and research experience. In order to meet the quality education need of society, in recent years, the kindergarten has continuously expanded its scale and improved its education quality. At present, it owns a head quarter and a branch in the urban area, and a branch in New Town, with a total of 50 classes, and has initially formed the style of group education and management. The kindergarten adheres to “love” and "practice", perseveres in pursuing high quality preschool education, has erected the principle of “laying a good quality foundation for kids from their early childhood”, and has formed an education style of “care the kids, unify the kids, do solid work, and keep making innovations”. It created a quality education curricular system which aims to cultivate the kids’ “life style, learning and behaving modes” from childhood, and a faculty quality training mode and matched evaluation system.

Attached Primary School of Wuxi Normal School

Headmaster: Qian Yanghui

Tel: 82725747 

Add: No.25, Xueqian St.

Website:  www.xsfx.com.cn

Introduction: The Attached Primary School of Wuxi Normal College was created in 1913 by Gu Zhuo, creator and principal of Wuxi Normal School, based on the model of the Attached Primary School of Tokyo Higher Normal School. It has the longest history among all Wuxi’s primary schools. It was approved by Ministry of State as a modern educational technology experimental school, and has enjoyed a good reputation in society for its rigorous scholarship and fine traditions. In middle 1980s, this school became the first in our country to advocate and implement “joyous learning”, and initiated the quality education mode of “making learning full of fun”. It is dedicated to the study of students’ comprehensive and balanced development, and meanwhile endeavors to cultivate the students’ positive outlook on life and sound personality. In this new era, the Attached Primary School of Wuxi Normal School will make more innovations and take more social responsibility.

Wuxi Nanyang International School

Headmaster: Jiang Jianguo

Tel: 85555111

Add: No.99 Shanshui Rd (W), Taihu Landscape Tourist Area

Introduction: Established in September of 1996 and located on the lakefront of Taihu Lake, Wuxi Nanyang International School is a picturesque learning place and cozy home to many students. As one of the first-batch schools of Jiangsu Province that were entitled to recruit foreign teachers and accept foreign students, Nanyang International School has, over the past 12 years, consecutively sent more than 500 students to Britain, America, Canada, and Austria etc for overseas study. With an IELTS score of 6.5, Gu Nian, a graduate of 2002, was admitted by Warwick University, Top5 in Britain. 200-odd students of “Sino-Singapore” and "Sino-Korea" classes have been successfully sent to Singapore and Korea for overseas study. With outstanding international education performance, Nanyang International School has won consensus from parents and society, and was awarded “Appointed School for Students from Foreign Countries and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan” by Wuxi Municipal People’s Government.

Huashi Experimental Education Group

Location: Jiangyin

Headmaster: Xia Qingfeng

Tel: 0510-86209201

Add: No.82, Huannan Rd, Huashi Town, Jiangyin City

Website: www.hsgj.com.cn

Introduction: Huashi Experimental Education Group is a comprehensive school that combines infants’ school, primary school, junior middle school, senior high school, adult education and international education. It is also a provincial model school attached to the Education and Research Institute under the Central Committee of Communist Party of China. It owns nearly ten thousands of students and a thousand faculty members. It aims at making itself a spiritual home for both the teachers and students, and tries to foster “Outstanding Cosmopolites and Patriotic Chinese”.

International Education School of Jiangnan University

International Education School of Jiangnan University is an associate school of Jiangnan University. Its major functions include: to manage foreign students, to teach Chinese as a foreign language, to cooperate with foreign schools in opening new education programs, and so on. Since December of 2007, International Education School and Lambton College, both under Jiangnan University, have combined their administration offices.

The International Education School adheres to continuous innovations, rigorous scholarship, combination of western and Chinese cultures, and fostering of talented persons. Based on years of experience in admitting foreign students, the International Education School has been continuously expanding its foreign student admittance scale. Since it began to admit foreign students in 1964, it has fostered all kinds of foreign students from over 60 foreign countries. All of its courses are open to foreign students who want to study in China. It accepts: undergraduate students, master degree’s students, doctor degree’s students, general advanced scholars and senior advanced scholars. Master and doctor degree’s students may be taught in English.

The International Education School of Jiangnan University is a window of Jiangnan University towards external education and communication, an ambassador of Jiangnan University in holding international friendly exchanges, a cradle of Jiangnan University in fostering elite talents, and a bridge of Jiangnan University in connecting with the world.

Add: International Education School of Jiangnan University, No. 1800, Lihu Avenue

Tel: 0086-510-85919669

E-mail: sie@jiangnan.edu.cn


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