"123 "Program -Support the Implementation of the Implementation of Policy Measures on the Enterprises Listed
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The municipal government issued about 123 short-listed companies plan to deliver the implementation of supportive policies to inform the implementation of the municipalities (counties) and District People's Government, the City of the Committee, the Office, the Bureau, the city directly under the unit:


The "123"program to honor short-listed companies to support the implementation of policy implementation method," issued to you, please seriously implemented.


July 14, 2008


"123" short-listed companies plan to deliver the implementation of supportive policies for the implementation of a comprehensive approach to cash "the municipal government gather about the international service outsourcing and software export enterprises" 123 "plan policy advice" (tin political hair 〔2007〕 No. 396, hereinafter referred to as "123 "program) of the policy, to support short-listed companies to achieve "123" plan to identify goals, formulate the following special implementation.


First, improve the security mechanism


a. organizational guarantee. District Government (CMC), a leader in charge of the specific job and specify the relevant department in charge of the work, the city government through the development and supporting the implementation of convergence to ensure that "123" plan are implemented.


b. funding. Municipal and regional government (CMC) to deal with "123" funds for projects is estimated that the annual budget the funds required to include plans to ensure that the policies in place to honor a timely manner.


c. procedural safeguards. Short-listed "123" plans to honor companies to declare the policy, first of all, to where the Central Government (CMC) applications, such as the Department to be honored by the city's policy should be to the City, "123" program office to apply, separately from the district government ( CMC), the city of "123" plan approved by the Office of the organizational review, related to cash handling procedures. By the district government (CMC) to honor the policy, and the Times to honor the city after the "123" Office of the record plan.


Second, set up short-listed audit system


a. by the "123" Office of the Working Group plans to apply for short-listed companies to carry out assessment in line with the requirements of enterprises identified by the assessment panel for the selected enterprises.


b. the declaration of the basic conditions for enterprises


1. Register at the city operated an independent corporate enterprise, registered capital of at least 2,000 million, has a certain reputation and the development potential of international service outsourcing or software export enterprises.


2. Engaged to undertake the major international information technology outsourcing industry (ITO), business process outsourcing (BPO) and outsourcing of creative design, software export business.


3. Since the date of finalists to three years to reach 2,000 employees, 30 million U.S. dollars annual export.


c. to declare business enterprises to declare eligibility conditions may apply, applications are required to provide the following information:


1. Registered capital of proof: a copy of business license and the capital verification report.


2. Proved: by the Labor Department approved roster of workers labor contract system, approved by the social security department social security of workers declare roster.


3. Export: Customs export data, or outsourcing contracts, export contracts and bank certificates record foreign exchange water alone. Exports from the year starting January 1, export proved to be quarter, half-yearly or annual proof.


4. Proof of personal income tax: Government rent issued by the Department employed by the enterprise university educated people to pay more than the personal income tax to prove.


5. Enterprise quarter and annual financial statements, year-end audit reports.


In the case of short-listed companies, from "123" Office and business plans to sign "123" plan to cultivate the agreement, in accordance with the provisions of policy support.


Third, a clear call for grant funds short-listed "123" enterprises, capital subsidies, respectively, according to the following conditions are fulfilled:


a. has been short-listed "123" business plan, when employees 100 people, the annual exports of two million U.S. dollars to achieve, by the municipal government to honor pre-grant hundred million yuan.


b. more than 500 employees and an annual export of 3 million U.S. dollars to meet the business, financial grants to five million yuan (including short-listed "123" program to honor pre-hundred million).


c. there is the strength of the Top 100 enterprises or international, the domestic market at 20 companies to declare Wuxi investment enterprises, as well as the listing of the Wuxi Center as the outsourcing of business delivery:


Number of practitioners with more than 1,000, and annual exports reached more than 10 million U.S. dollars, the city government also funds grants to two million yuan.


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