"123 "Program -Support the Implementation of the Implementation of Policy Measures on the Enterprises Listed
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The number of practitioners for more than 2,000 people, and to achieve annual exports of more than 30 million U.S. dollars, the city government to be re-grant of three million yuan. The maximum cumulative grant funds not more than 10 million yuan, enterprises received grant funds to be spent on talent introduction and training of personnel.


Fourth, and standardize procedures for policy cash


(1) rent relief. By the host Government (CMC) of office space to implement the relevant provisions of the rent reduction. Entry of new enterprises, the introduction of direct relief; enterprises have settled down since the rented room, after review by consensus by the rental prices are determined by the Central Government subsidies to enterprises in accordance with policies and regulations. This policy from short-listed companies from the date of the beginning of the implementation period of three years.


(B) grant funds. By the "123" plan office unit in the composition of the members of the joint verification team to provide relevant documents and site visits to review and put forward the views of grant funds, reported the approval of the municipal government to honor. This policy by the company short-listed from the date of the application within three years.


(C) export incentives. Short-listed companies such as export incentives in line with the declaration of conditions, first of all, to where the Central Government (CMC) to submit their applications and related documents by the Central Government (CMC) reported to the city of "123" program office, "123" program, in collaboration with the Office of unit composed of members of the joint inspection team city, accounting for the total amount of incentives at the municipal government's approval, 50% of the total amount allocated by the finance in place and another 50% by the host Government (CMC) to implement the commitment. This policy from short-listed companies from the date of the beginning of the implementation period of three years. Each semi-annual pre-honored one year after the end of the year to honor awards.


(Iv) reward talent. At the end of each quarter, by the enterprise zone in the District Finance Bureau, the district places the Inland Revenue Department, the district director of information department, the university employed by the enterprise of personnel above the personal income tax paid to carry out approved by the areas where the financial sector by 30 percent to pay part of the implementation of incentives. The incentive funds allocated to the enterprise, responsible for the implementation of the enterprise shall enjoy the reward of the individual, this policy short-listed from the enterprise from the date of the implementation of incentives for five years, a quarterly cash.


Fulfill the above-mentioned policies, the municipal foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, the city finance bureau is responsible for checking the implementation.


Fifth, unified enterprise financial accounting department received at all levels into the types of financial assistance or subsidies, included in "income subsidies" accounting subjects, to be returned to reward talented employees, the adoption of accounting between the subjects.


Attachment: Wuxi City gathering of international service outsourcing and software export enterprises "123" short-listed company plans to support the policy application form style (rent relief, financial subsidies, export incentives, talent awards)


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