Policies for Promoting the International Service Outsourcing Industry in Jiangsu Province
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Chapter VI of the departments and the training base of the subsidies


Twenty-third article, "policy" of Article 10 of Convention business, including a direct role in organizing the provincial government and approved by the provincial government, provincial departments of the inside and outside contractors to the international service outsourcing, and investment promotion activities; its public cost is the booth fee, and field rental and advertising costs, excluding personnel costs for travel abroad and so on.


Events after the end of exhibition, exhibition of the Department to take the lead in time to apply to the Ministry of Finance and exhibition activities to provide all the contracts signed and the public the cost of copies of invoices or receipts. Ministry of Finance audit in accordance with the procedure after the disbursement of funds.


Article 24th International service outsourcing training base should be established at tertiary institutions, colleges and all kinds of technicians of quality training institutions, including training resources and institutions more concentrated area of service outsourcing model, with higher capacity and training the level of transnational corporations, such as service outsourcing enterprises. Training at tertiary institutions to set up base in the Office of the provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation that the Department of Education; the establishment of the academy training technician at the provincial foreign economic and trade base in the provincial Office of the Office of Labor and Social Security that; to set up demonstration area in the service outsourcing, multinational companies and Service outsourcing enterprises training bases that the Department of Foreign Trade. Training base, as identified to the public.


(A) society for the implementation of the training base for international service outsourcing of human resources training, and training time in each of not less than three months may apply for provincial training subsidies. Standards subsidies: The rate of the labor contract as the basis for measuring the quality of training, and employers signed a one-year period of labor contracts, subsidies to 3,000 yuan per person; the signing of the employing units and 2-year period of labor contracts, subsidies to 4,000 yuan per person ; with the employers to sign more than 3-year period of labor contracts, subsidies to 5,000 yuan per person.


(B) the training base should be at the beginning of each year training program will be reported to the Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Department of Finance and provincial departments involved in the record that, at the same time apply to the Ministry of Finance on the annual subsidies, together with the roster at training qualified personnel and the confirmation of employment with the international service outsourcing enterprises to sign labor contracts for more than one copy of the year. Ministry of Finance Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in the annual audit focused on one occasion, in the first half of next year the number of terms of employment training subsidies allocated.


Article Provincial Intellectual Property Office training international service outsourcing enterprises Engineer required for intellectual property training costs (excluding room and board students), financial subsidies from the provincial level by 50%.


Provincial Intellectual Property Office should be the beginning of each year at the annual training plan will be submitted to the provincial Department of Finance, the Office of record foreign trade and economic cooperation, and training at the end of three months, the Ministry of Finance to submit a written application, with reported pre-training costs, accounts and trained staff charge the cost of the case. Ministry of Finance, after review of subsidies should be allocated to training.


Article 26th International Association for Services after the establishment of the outsourcing business, the provincial finance start-up costs 300,000 yuan to give a one-time grant from the Ministry of Finance directly to the Association a written application to the provincial Civil Affairs Department with the approval of the association documents, and the first Association List of Council members. Receive Ministry of Finance, International Outsourcing Services Business Association report and review of the application, the appropriate start-up grant.


Chapter VII of the project and the employment


Article 27th plan at the provincial scientific and technological support, scientific and technological achievements into a special fund in the preparation of the annual guide to software design, integrated circuit design, information services technology, system integration services and outsourcing of key technologies as a support for the direction of the transformation, the same under the conditions of the international service outsourcing enterprises to apply for the self-innovation projects give priority to the project.


Article twenty-eighth part of the international service outsourcing enterprises to implement posts required to work irregular working hours or working together, the reference at the Suzhou Industrial Park National pilot approach, by the Jiangsu Provincial Office of Labor and Social Security by "on the strengthening of enterprises General calculation of working hours and job work from time to time to inform the management system "( [2006] 16) the provisions of the approval.


Chapter VIII of the examination and the supervision and management of statistical


Article twenty-ninth in the provincial Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau of Statistics to develop the province's international service outsourcing enterprises statistics reporting system in time domain statistical report the total development of enterprises, such as the speed and quality.


30th article in Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Office of Ministry of Finance in accordance with provincial cities and counties to authorize international service outsourcing industry in the development of the situation assessment, based on the promotion of international service outsourcing industry in a faster development of the good, the award list submitted to the provincial Government approval, to give recognition and rewards.


(A) examination content. Include: infrastructure construction, high added value, sales revenue, gross profit and pay employment taxes and to attract international service outsourcing industry development. Specific evaluation criteria and target the provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation with the Ministry of Finance Office to be enacted separately.


(B) assessment methods. The first half year, the provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation with the Ministry of Finance Office at random checks to verify the various cities and counties reported on the annual Report of international service outsourcing enterprises, based on designed for the target and score points, respectively, of the city and county rankings.


(C) incentives. Provincial cities across the province each year selected a first prize, two second prize, third three, the county (city) selected two first prize, three second prize, third prize 4, draw the attention of the provincial government to give informed praise, winning the cities of the province of four million yuan, respectively, awards, 300 million and two million yuan, the winning of the county (city) 2,000,000 yuan, respectively, awards, 150 million and one million yuan .


(D) the appropriation and use of prize. The provincial Department of Finance issued at the provincial government issued a notification incentive funds, earmarked for international service outsourcing industry.


Article 31 Ministry of Finance in the Office of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation set up performance evaluation system of project funds, to take the form of funds from time to time the use of efficient tracking ask to check the completion of evaluation of project objectives, organizational management, the implementation of the economic benefits generated, the unit financial management status and the quality of financial information, and discovered fraud, defrauding the funds, according to "an offense punishable Financial Regulations" (State Council Decree No. 427) treatment.


Ministry of Finance, Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department special report annually to the provincial government, International Service Outsourcing Industry Development and guide special use of the funds.


Thirty-second article of the "measures" to declare the provisions of all material submitted must be true, clear, standard and integrity of the paper copy will be stamped seal of the unit.


Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions


Thirty-third article of the "measures" the implementation of the annual period of 2008 to 2010, and the provincial Department of Finance is responsible for the content in terms of interpretation of the relevant departments in the province.


(Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, the Office of foreign trade and economic cooperation, Science and Technology Agency, Office of Labor and Social Security, the Office of Information Industry jointly issued)


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