Medical & Health Care
Wuxi No.4 People’s Hospital
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Registration & Charge Dept.

Admission Dept.

Chinese Medicine Rm

Western Medicine Rm

Injection Rm

Image Dept.

Convenient Clinic



Outpatient Dept. Office

Infectious Disease Dept.

100 Convenient Service Center



Outpatient Laboratory Rm

Outpatient Operation Rm

Dressing Rm

Surgery Dept.

Thorax & Cardiovascular Dept.

General Oncology Dept.

Plastic Surgery Dept.






Consultation Clinic

Nutrition Clinic


Veneval Disease Clinic

Registration & Charge Dept.

Genetic Counseling

Family Planning Clinic

Insomnia Clinic


    Tumor Internal Medicine Dept.

    Tumor Radiotherapy Branch

Tumour Intervention Dept.

Tumour Therapy Dept. With Western Medicine&TCM

Multidisciplinary Tumor Care Unit

Pain Management Clinic


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Mammary Gland Tumor Diagnoses and Treats

Stomatology Dept.

Orthopaedics Dept.

Recuperation & Physical Therapy Dept.


Ultrasonic B Rm

Electroencephalogram Rm (EEG)

Acupuncture Dept.

Ultrasonic Electrocardiograph Rm

Electrocardiogram Rm (ECG)




E.N.T & Head-Neck Surgery


Para-Molecular Myopia Therapeutic Rm

Myopia Therapeutic Rm

Specialist & Veteran Cadre Clinic

Digestive Dept.

Neurology Dept.

Cardio-Vascular Dept.

Respiration Dept.

Endocrinology Dept.

Nephrology Dept.

General Internal Medicine Dept.


 Artificial Insemination Rm

(South) Wuxi Tumour Recuperation Club




Digestive Endoscope Rm





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