530 Plan
The Implementation Scheme of "530" Plan in 2009 (III-V)
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III Declaration Requirements

1. Those who apply for Wuxi’s “530” Plan mustn’t meanwhile apply for any other city’s talent introduction plan; a specific entrepreneurial intention must be made when applying for Wuxi’s “530” Plan;

2. The applicant’s own investment mustn’t be less than that of the government;

3. In principle, the applicant must be in accordance with the corporate representative of the registered company;

4. Once the applicant succeeds in applying for the “530” Plan, the start-up funds he wins should be used for the company’s science and technology-related activities;

5. Enterprises that have registered in Wuxi’s “530” Plan mustn’t apply for a second time;

6. After creating businesses in Wuxi, the entrepreneur must work in the city for at least half a year.

IV Confirmation of Qualification and Preliminary Examination of Project

After the online declaration is begun, Wuxi Municipal Personnel Bureau will confirm the overseas education background and work experience of the applicants, while Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will carry out preliminary examinations of the applicants’ business plans and relevant materials, and will check up the authenticity and effectiveness of their intellectual property rights. After the confirmation of qualifications and the preliminary examination of projects, the applicants to be evaluated by the expert group will be finally decided and announced.

V Project Technique Evaluation

According to the online declaration situation of projects in year 2009, the evaluation of projects will be carried out in two phases. From June to October of 2009, Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will invite experts of “863” and “973” expert groups (at least 5 experts for each entrepreneurial investment project) in accordance with “Wuxi Municipal Specifications for the Evaluation of Projects of Advanced Returned Overseas Entrepreneurs” to carry out project evaluation based on the principle of fairness, justice and publicity.


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