530 Plan
The Implementation Scheme of "530" Plan in 2009 (VI-VIII)
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VI Integrated Evaluation of Project

In late June and late October, Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will invite relevant provincial and municipal government leaders, management experts, venture capital experts and entrepreneurs to carry out integrated evaluation in terms of the prospects, the feasibility of industrialization, the entrepreneurial team and finance of the projects being declared.

VII Two-Way Selection of Settlement and Project

In mid July and mid November, applicants and industrial parks are supposed to have communication meetings concerning the selection of the projects’ settling areas. However, the projects declared by registered enterprises can no longer participate in such kinds of communication meetings.

VIII Road Show and Negotiation

In August and mid November, the office of “530” Plan will invite applicants of Class-A projects to come to Wuxi and make road shows of their projects. Meanwhile, relevant provincial and municipal government leaders, together with management experts, venture capital experts, enterprises, and persons in charge of venture capital companies, will put forward questions and give marks. As to the road shows of Class-B and C projects, the governments of the county or district will be responsible for their organizations. After road shows are finished, government leaders of the city, county or district will establish a project negotiation team with officials in the Organization Department, Science and Technology Bureau, Personnel Bureau, the Development Zones, high-tech venture fund experts, financial experts and management experts, to negotiate with the finalists of Class-A projects, while members of relevant departments such as Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Tax Bureau will be at present all the while providing consultation of preferential policies and services.


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